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Add Vegetables To Your Breakfast With Delicious Green Smoothies

If you are concerned about getting the recommended daily servings of vegetables in your diet, you should consider adding vegetables with your breakfast with a green smoothie. Green smoothies are blended drinks that combine leafy greens with fruits, veggies and healthy fats, such as almonds, hemp seeds, flax and coconut. Green smoothies are a healthy and delicious way to get an energy boost and much-needed n ...

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Making Your Own Nutritious Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are good for you in so many ways. They provide raw greens into your daily diet and they are cleansing to your organs on account of the chlorophyll (especially your bowels). When you consume vegetables that contain chlorophyll this builds a higher blood count which makes the passage of oxygen in the blood an easier process. When greens are included in smoothies, in natural juices and eaten ra ...

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3 – Smoothie Recipes to Help You Get Over a Cold

If you are looking for a cold remedy then smoothies that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants can go a long way in helping you to feel better sooner. When you are suffering from a head cold you can also end up suffering with a sore and scratchy throat, a cough, congestion, sneezing and a fever. What you eat always plays a role in how you feel which is why eating as healthy as possible when you are feeling ...

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8 Reasons To Enjoy Tasty Low Fat Smoothies

Low fat smoothies and raw fruit juices can be a healthy addition to any diet. They can be thought of as the secret weapon when it comes to healthy eating and the effort to loss weight. They provide you with a sustained level of energy and also supply your nutritional needs in terms of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and fatty acids. Natural fruit juices and low fat smoothies have healing properties that ...

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Kiwi Smoothie Recipes – “Kiwick” and Easy

Kiwi smoothies are very nutritious and offer a taste that is unique to the smoothies they are in. If you have grown bored with other types of fruits for your smoothies then it is time to introduce kiwi fruits to your blender. Kiwis hail from New Zealand and are a funny looking little green fruit that have fuzzy brown skins. Peel the exterior away and you will be left with a bright green interior that is loa ...

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Non Dairy Smoothie Recipes

If you are looking for a nutritious way to add fruits to your diet then smoothies are the way to go. What you may discover right away upon searching for smoothie recipes is that many of them call for milk or yogurt. If you do not eat dairy products then do not let this discourage you from deciding to start making your own delicious and healthy smoothies. You can easily use dairy substitutes when you are mak ...

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High Protein Smoothie Recipes

Protein is a building block for cells. It can also provide you with lasting energy. High protein smoothie recipes are a nutritious and energy boosting way to begin the day but are a good choice for smoothies whenever you feel a little dragged out. For high protein smoothies you need nutrient-dense fruits and numerous high protein add-ins to make you feel the burst of energy and vitality. Here are some smoot ...

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