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5 Tips for Making Healthy and Delicious Tasting Smoothies

smoothie recipesSmoothies are refreshing, tasty and nutritious if you know what you are doing and you combine the right ingredients. If you have not jumped on the smoothie bandwagon then you do not know what you are missing! You can use a selection of fruits, juices, dairy products and ice among other ingredients that will result in a thick, frothy delectable tasting beverage that is good for you.

The Versatility of Smoothies

Smoothies can be a part of an overall meal or they can serve as a healthy snack. The key to making a smoothie is to use healthy ingredients while at the same time making a cold beverage in your blender that is full of flavor. In order to make smoothies a regular part of your diet you need to whip up ones that taste absolutely delectable! To maximize your smoothie experience we offer you some helpful tips below and a few smoothie recipes .

1. Use fresh and ripe fruit for your smoothies whenever possible. When fruit is ripe the flavor tastes better. Always wash fruits thoroughly before you place them into your blender. Cut fruit into slices or chunks before putting them into your blender. This will make them easier to blend and will not make your blender work as hard.

2. If you like thick smoothies then freeze some of your fruit ingredients ahead of use. Bananas, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches and melons all work well in this regard. Sprinkle lemon juice over fruits such as bananas to prevent them from turning dark. Place the cleaned fruit on a cookie sheet and then pop into your freezer until they get firm.

3. If you decide to use ice in your smoothies then use small ice cubes or crushed ice. If you have only large ice cubes then run water over them to thaw them a bit before you add the ice cubes to your blender. Trying to blend large ice cubes could damage your blender and for some models it might not even be able to break them down into smaller ice pieces.

4. You can sweeten up and thicken your nutritious smoothies by adding frozen yogurt to them, sorbet or ice cream. Be aware though that many of these delicious extras can add up to more calories. If you are watching your weight then you may not want to add any of these tasty ingredients.

5. Speaking of watching your weight in the above point, to reduce the caloric and fat content of your smoothies use skim or low fat milk or soy milk instead of whole milk. Use plain nonfat yogurt instead of fruit flavored yogurt. Choose low-fat frozen yogurt or sorbet instead of ice cream.

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