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What Fruits and Veggies Do Not Respond Well to Juicing

Juicing is an excellent way to help you to lose weight and to deal with any number of health conditions. For instead prune juice for constipation works wonders as does lemon juice for acne. You can find losing weight success with juicing .  If you do not want to go out and buy a juicer then you can learn how to juice with a juicer. Juicing with a blender will also work for a number of natural raw juices.

avocado and juicing The reality of the matter is that while all fruits and vegetables are healthy and nutritious they are not all equally juiceable. Each has its own unique characteristics and some of these characteristic make them unlikely candidates for the practice of juicing. Some of the produce that is not so good for juicing can still be used in your juicer or blender juice recipes but in small quantities. They can blend in with the juice even if they are not the primary ingredient.

The fruits and vegetables not to juice include:


Oh yummy bananas! These yellow fruits are a rich source of potassium and are a great way to start the day because they provide you with the energy you need for work and for play. While they whip up wonderfully in a smoothie recipe and make them as creamy as possible they are not juicer friendly. They can make bitter drinks mellower and sweeter but they are not the best fruit to use as the base for your beverage.

Bananas are a mushy fruit and do not contain a lot of water. Use them in smoothies and not in fresh raw juices recipes. You can also freeze them and then make them into delicious tasting ice cream when you use the homogenization function on your gear juicer.

Try this blender juice recipe to make a smoothie. It is excellent on a hot summer day!

Banana Orange Juice Smoothie

2 fresh or frozen bananas (your choice)

5 oranges (juice before you place them into the blender)

1 tbsp. of honey


Avocados work well in guacamole and add flavor to practically any veggie dip but they are an oily and mushy vegetable that contains very little water. As a result it does not make a good juicing ingredient. To get all of the vitamins and minerals that avocados have to offer you mix them into a smoothie recipe that you make in your blender, just as you would do with bananas. A little goes a long way and the flavor will easily combine with other flavors.


Eggplants cannot be juiced as they just do not contain any juice in them to begin with. The consistency of this vegetable is soft but also dense. Eggplant will not agree with the actions of your juicer. Eat it don’t drink it.


Leeks are better left to eating for your main meals as opposed to juicing. There is some juice in them but they are not an easy vegetable to juice because they often clog the juicer. Leek juice tends to be intense so if you do decide to try it make only a small amount. Juice only the inner layers. Leeks work best when combined with other vegetable juices. Try them in a recipe for V8 juice and see what you think.


Rhubarb is capable of being juiced but it still gets placed on the list of unjuiceable vegetables. Please note, rhubarb is technically a vegetable but is often used and eaten as a fruit. Rhubarb will not be kind to your juicers so stick with other juicer friendly produce for your raw drinks.

If you were thinking about using rhubarb for one of your Breville juicer recipes than think twice about that. If you do decide to be brave and chance making natural rhubarb juice then cut off the hard outer layers and use only the soft inner portions of it. Rhubarb can act as a natural laxative for constipation. However this veggie does have a high oxalic acid content which means that it binds with calcium in the body and renders the mineral unrecognizable and essentially useless. Steer clear of the green tops as the oxalic acid is even higher and is believed to be toxic.

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