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Vitality Juice Recipes

If you are going to live it might as well be with vigor and vitality.  No matter your age, there is no reason to live a dull and boring life with little energy  Life is supposed to be enjoyed to the fullest but unfortunately, poor diet, lack of physical activity, and even poor nutrition can rob you of the chance to have a vibrant existence.  In addition to adopting the attitude of wanting more out of life and getting involved with some type of exercise or activity, your diet is one of the most critical things you can change.

The biggest problem is lifestyle.  Between going to work, school, raising kids, taking care of the home, etc, finding time to nourish the body is challenging.  Because so many people are always on the go, fast food has quickly become a staple diet.  Rather than waste your hard-earned money on foods that contain bad calories, you could enjoy an amazing juiced beverage.  The great thing about juicing is that recipes taste great, recipes are quick to make, you would save a significant amount of money, and you enjoy a life of vitality.

With these vitality recipes, you can start your morning off better, find you have increased energy, performance is enhanced, and with juicing along with exercise and a healthy lifestyle, live longer and healthier.

Vitality Juice Recipes

Recipe One

•    Four green apples
•    One lemon
•    Small slice of fresh ginger
•    Four ounces of sparkling water

We suggest you peel the ginger before putting it into the juicer but keep the peel on the apples and lemon so you get the full nutritional content of these fruits.

Recipe Two

•    Two nectarines
•    One-half cantaloupe
•    Two red apples
•    One-inch piece of fresh ginger
•    Two tablespoons flax seeds (ground)

Add all the above ingredients into the juicer along with one cup of ice.  This juiced beverage is smooth and creamy, making it a popular choice.

Recipe Three

•    Four carrots
•    Two cucumbers
•    Two stalks of celery
•    One beet
•    Three oranges

This is another excellent juicing recipe for vitality.  If preferred, you can spice it up with fresh garlic, basil, and even Spanish onion.

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