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Day 7 of 7 Day Juice Fast

After seven days of not eating solid food you would think that I would be missing it more than I really am. Somehow what happens is, around day three or four, your thought processes take a different direction you are hungry. Instead of reaching for the first solid food you can find, your mind just tells you to drink juice. And so it goes. I finished my 7 day juice fast successfully. My weight loss for the 7 ...

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Starting Your Morning Off Right – Natural Juicing Recipes

Breaking the fast is how you need to start every day. Breakfast matters for every one of all ages. When you wake up in the morning you need to drink a big glass of water to hydrate your system and then you need to give your body all of the nutrients it needs that kick it into high gear for your busy day away. You need energy to focus on your work and that means the right combination of fruits and vegetables ...

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Juicing Recipes for Peptic Ulcers

You have been diagnosed with a peptic ulcer. While there are medications your physician can prescribe to help heal the ulcer making dietary changes is something you should start to do immediately. Beginning a regular juicing program can go a long way in helping you to recuperate and to feel better. What is a Peptic Ulcer? A peptic ulcer is a hole or a sore that occurs in the lining of the stomach, duodenum ...

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Day 4 of 7 Day Juice Fast

It was back to school around our house this morning on day 4 of my 7 day juice fast, although no one seem to remember that. I was up early, so I made some fresh orange juice for the girls, and slipped in a few carrots, but no one seemed to notice. I drank my usual litre and a half of water, and decided it would be a good idea for me to go on a bike ride. There are those that suggest you should abstain from ...

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Suggestions to Improve Your Juicing Experience

Juicing is nutritious and it can be fun as well! For those new to juicing it helps to take some cues from the pros. When you do this then it will prevent you from making any unnecessary mistakes because you will learn from the lessons of other juicing enthusiasts! Drink it Now! When you make raw and natural juice drink it right away. If you do not plan to drink it for awhile then do not make it until close ...

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What Fruits and Veggies Do Not Respond Well to Juicing

Juicing is an excellent way to help you to lose weight and to deal with any number of health conditions. For instead prune juice for constipation works wonders as does lemon juice for acne. You can find losing weight success with juicing .  If you do not want to go out and buy a juicer then you can learn how to juice with a juicer. Juicing with a blender will also work for a number of natural raw juices. Th ...

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Day 3 of 7 Day Juice Fast

Making it through the first three days of a juice fast is supposed to be the hard part. I woke this morning with tons of energy. After my morning litre of water, I juiced an orange, an Apple,  a pear, a kiwi fruit and a few organic carrots. This particular morning juice recipe is delicious and nutritious. It's easy to overdo it with sweet fruit, so this is not a recipe that I use often. But, today it hit th ...

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