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Great Reasons To Add Sprouts To Your Juice

wheatgrass juiceJuicing is an easy way to reach your daily recommended servings of vegetables. Experts recommend that each person have 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Juicing vegetables will help you absorb more of the nutrients of the vegetables by breaking them down slightly before they are consumed. Sprouts are an ideal choice if you want to improve your nutrition. Nearly all sprouted seeds and grains are considered to be superfoods.

One common type of sprouts used in juicing is wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is grown from wheat seeds, and contains high amounts of chlorophyll. The high chlorophyll content may help oxygenate your blood. Wheatgrass is believed to increase the red blood cell count in the body and stimulate the user’s metabolism. Wheatgrass is also used to detoxify the body, reduce the risk of bacterial infections, and help in the control of diabetes.

If you chose to use sprouts, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the sprouts that are purchased. Like any food or supplement, the quality of sprouts is highly variable and poor quality sprouts can lead to poor nutrition. Frozen sprouts tend to be far less effective than fresh sprouts because some of the nutrition is destroyed during the freezing process. If storing sprouts for a significant period of time, it is important to check for mold before using. Mold can attack the sprouts and ingesting this mold can make you sick.

Juicing provides an efficient way to consume a healthy amount of vegetables in a short period of time. By juicing your vegetables, you can add a wider variety of vegetables to your diet. Because the vegetables are mixed together when juiced, you will be able to modify the taste of vegetables that you do not like eating whole with vegetables that you do like the taste of. Adding a healthy dose of sprouts to your juice will increase the nutritional value and the health benefits of what you are consuming.

Wheatgrass Cleanser Special

3 carrots
1/2 beetroot
2 celery sticks
1/2 lemon
30mls wheatgrass juice
Small handful of parsley and/or mint

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