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19 Tips For Natural Fresh Juice on the Go

juicer recipesJuicing can be fun to experiment with and it can also be a smart and healthy way to bring nutrition to the forefront of your life and to make it more important. Making juice in your kitchen and then enjoying a glass while you gaze out the window can be relaxing but what about the days when you have to juice and then away you go to start your day at work or at school?

Juicing is not just for those days when you are staying at home. You can easily juice a fruit or vegetable beverage from your juicing processor and then take it with you. Natural fresh juice on the go and to go is easy if you know how to transport it safely and effectively.

The last thing you want is for your juice to spoil and for you to feel sick from drinking it or for it to spill out all over your bag or your car seat before you even have the chance to drink it! Uh oh!

Fresh juice can come with you when you are going to work or school but also to a friend’s house, shopping, camping, going to an appointment or when you are going to a family outing.

Juicing fruits and vegetables is a healthy and delicious way to get the nutrients you need when you need them, regardless of where your life takes you!

Tips for Taking Your Juice with You

How often have you heard the words plan ahead? Probably often because these words apply to so many things, including juicing on the go.

  • Prepare your juice shortly before you plan to leave home.
  • If you are leaving in the morning then you must prepare your juice in the morning and not the night before.
  • You can however prepare your ingredients the evening before by cutting them up and then placing them in a plastic zippy bag or an airtight container (of which glass is better than plastic).
  • Fresh raw juice does not keep very long so juice it very close to the time when you will be leaving.
  • For example, if you plan to leave your house at 8AM then juice sometime within the range of 7AM to 7:30 AM.
  •  You must buy a sturdy and safe bottle to carry your fresh juice in once it is made.
  • You can use a plastic thermos if you wish but a stainless steel bottle or drink carrier is the superior choice.
  • Plastic bottles may see like a lightweight choice but they are not a good choice for your health because chemicals can leach out into the contents of the bottle.
  • The older the bottle gets the worse this problem becomes.
  • Look for a brand of stainless steel bottle that has an air and liquid tight fitting lid.
  • This makes the ideal bottle to tout your fresh raw juice with you wherever you are going.
  • Stainless steel bottles do not break in most cases and they keep cool temperatures very well.
  • As well no light is able to makes its way into the bottle which is good news for your juice.
  • Light encourages oxidization which can reduce the nutritional value of your drink.
  • Most brands of stainless steel bottles last for many years so if you buy a good quality one in the beginning then you will not have to replace it very often.
  • Please note- The sooner you are able to drink your natural juice the better.
  • In most cases the juice will safely keep for about 12 hours in the stainless steel bottle but it is recommended that you drink it within six hours.
  • If when you go to drink it it has a funny taste then get rid of it.
  • Old juice can be toxic to your system and you definitely do not want to consume it!

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