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Suggestions to Improve Your Juicing Experience

Juicing is nutritious and it can be fun as well! For those new to juicing it helps to take some cues from the pros. When you do this then it will prevent you from making any unnecessary mistakes because you will learn from the lessons of other juicing enthusiasts!

Drink it Now!

juicing recipes for energyWhen you make raw and natural juice drink it right away. If you do not plan to drink it for awhile then do not make it until close to the time when you plan to drink it. The nutritional value of the juice depletes very quickly because there are no preservatives in it. As it oxidizes it can change color. This is especially the case for a fresh juice that contains apple. Drink it within the first few hours of making it, or at least within 24 hours of juicing it. Fresh juice can turn rancid fast if you are not careful. It is the one downside to making your own fresh juice- its shelf life is very short!

Prepare Ahead of Time

Juicing your ingredients is not what takes the most time to do. What takes the most time is preparing the produce. It is all of the washing, cutting, peeling and shredding that is time consuming. To cut down on your preparation time, especially on the days when you are in a hurry, prepare your ingredients ahead of time. For example if you want to juice in the morning then get all of your ingredients ready the night before. Put everything in a storage container, place it in the refrigerator overnight and then in the morning you will be ready to go!

Don’t Waste the Pulp

Use the pulp from your produce as opposed to letting it go to waste. This will save you money and it will encourage you to get creative. Use the pulp for baking and for soups and casseroles.

Store in Glass

If you need to store your fresh fruit or vegetable juice for a bit (or overnight) then store it in a glass container, not a plastic one. Dark glass bottles are better because they slow the oxidization process. If you do not have a dark glass container than wrap the bottle in aluminum foil. Plastic is not advisable as it is not as safe or as healthy as glass for storing your natural juice. Chemicals from the plastic can get into your juice and then when you drink the juice you get a mouthful of chemicals as well!

Limit Your Ingredients

You may see juices at the store where multiple flavors are mixed together but come on, be realistic! You want to juice for your health while enjoying the taste at the same time. When you combine too many types of produce together it can make for a really weird tasting drink that might not do your tummy very much good! When you make your own fresh raw juice mixing too many flavors together can be a disaster and can taste terrible. Keep your produce choices to around three. This gives you enough variety and enough taste and it also makes for a simpler natural beverage that takes less time to prepare.

Ice it!

To give your juice a cooler consistency place some ice cubes in the blender and crush them up. Add this to your drink and you will enjoy the cool sensation in your mouth (especially in the summer months!).

Juicing the Unjuiceables

Not all fruits and veggies are easy to juice. Some work really well, such as apples and oranges, whiles others not so much. Fruits that are mushy for instance, such as berries and bananas taste good but work better in smoothie recipes as opposed to natural juicing recipes. While these fruits are not completely unjuiceable, they will produce a lower yield than you may hope for.

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