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Holiday Party Juice Recipes

[caption id="attachment_2029" align="alignleft" width="191"] ©[/caption] As the year begins to wrap up, holiday parties start to spring up to celebrate the occasion. With holiday parties comes holiday party drinks, including old favorites such as the screwdriver. Some of us who are part of the health-conscious juicing crowd may cringe at the thought of all those empty calories tha ...

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Best Centrifugal Juicer for the Money

With 2015 rapidly approaching it is time to start thinking about getting in shape.  I know I could use it after the holidays.  If you are looking for an good juicer for beginners, or something a little more reasonable in the pocketbook then consider a centrifugal juicer.  They are the most commonly available and most affordable type on the market today. Its name comes from its use of centrifugal forces to s ...

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Vegetable Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

[caption id="attachment_1980" align="alignleft" width="225"] ©[/caption] If you're reading this article, then congratulations on using juicing as a tool for weight loss! Juicing is a very effective and easy way to stay healthy and has seen a recent surge since the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary came out. Juicing helps you keep cravings at bay, and is a great way to m ...

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Holiday Juicing Treats

[caption id="attachment_1959" align="alignleft" width="300"] ©[/caption] The holidays are right around the corner, which means lots of delicious foods and holiday festivities. Unfortunately, another thing that comes with the holidays is increased waist lines. Between turkey, cranberry sauce, eggnog and sugar cookies, it's hardly a surprise people gain a few pounds. With all the ...

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Best Juicer for Under 100 Dollars

If you're reading this, then congratulations on taking a step towards a healthier lifestyle! It's no surprise that many people who seek a healthier lifestyle take up juicing. Juicing is a tasty and enjoyable way of meeting your daily vegetable and fruit quota. A good machine will extract nutrient-rich liquid from your vegetables that you can drink as a part of your daily routine. The problem many people fac ...

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What is the Best Masticating Juicer on the Market

A masticating juicer is something every healthy kitchen should have. While these types of extractors are more expensive (at least for a good one) than their centrifugal cousins their benefits are worth the price.  The benefits of having a machine that chews instead of spins are; The liquid created has a higher nutritional value Less bacteria growth and can be stored for a longer period of time than those th ...

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Top Rated Juicers

As a health conscious individual, it is important to me to know exactly what goes into my body.  I love to start my day with a homemade smoothie, vegetable juice, or a protein shake that I have made myself, full of lots of clean ingredients.  If I make it, I know exactly what goes into it, which is why a it's such an important tool to have in my kitchen. It is perfect for those who follow a raw diet and nee ...

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