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Look and Feel Younger Juice Recipe

Of all industries making money, cosmetic surgery is at the top of the list.  Every year, people from around the world spend billions of dollars on multiple treatments and procedures as a means of looking younger.  Coming in a close second is the supplement and vitamin industry.  In addition to people wanting to recapture the appearance of youth, there is also the desire to feel younger.

It is important to understand that another option exists that can restore your youthful appearance and enhance health – juicing.  By creating delicious drinks made from the right types of ingredients, within a short amount of time you would begin to notice changes.  For instance, the skin gains elasticity, the skin is better moisture, wrinkles and fine lines begin to fade, and color evens out.  Along with outside changes, your body would experience better circulation, boosts of energy, improved concentration, and more.

Although juicing has been popular for many reasons,  by as more and more recipes are being created specific to younger looking skin and better health, the number of people turning to this practice is growing.  The following are two popular juice recipes to show you how juicing can achieve both of these goals.  If you like ours and want more check out more great recipes for skin care and a ton more in one of our favorite recipe books, Juicing Recipes From Fitlife.

Look and Feel Younger Juice Recipe

Recipe One

•    One-half pound broccoli
•    One-half pound celery
•    Five oranges

Start by washing the fruit and vegetables, we love Veggie Wash.  Be sure not to discard the orange skin since they are loaded with nutrients.  Put all the ingredients (peels included) into the juicer (we recommend a masticating juicer), discard any unwanted pulp, and enjoy.  Because this particular recipe has high vitamin C content, it works to achieve a youthful look and better health but also boost the body’s immune system.

Recipe Two

•    Two cups watermelon
•    Two oranges
•    Sparkling water

Just as with the first recipe you do not want to discard the peel/skin of the watermelon or oranges because they hold the largest volume of nutrients.  Place all ingredients into the juicer and then drink.  For quantity of sparkling water, we suggest you begin with one-quarter cup and increase as wanted.  Some people like this juice thick and some thin so you control the consistency by the amount of sparkling water used.

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