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Juicing Leafy Greens – Do Good for Your Health

Leafy greens taste good in salads but they are also excellent to drink as raw juices. Leafy greens are very good sources of vitamin A, vitamin C and chlorophyll. They are also rich in the minerals calcium, iron and potassium. Green juices are good for the body in so many ways. They offer antioxidant benefits and they also contain properties that help them to fight cancer. The chlorophyll in leafy greens hel ...

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Hangover Juicing Recipes

It is now Sunday morning but after the previous night of drinking, you find it near impossible to get going.  Dealing with a hangover is never fun, no matter how severe.  The body struggles against the effects of the alcohol consumed, which means feeling tired, having a headache, dealing with nausea, and overall having the sense of “being hit by a Mac truck, as many people put it”  Although most people swea ...

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