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Juicing Recipes to Stimulate the Mind

Most people would agree that with today’s busy society and overload of responsibilities, having a way to stimulate the mind and become more focused is a priority.  The sharper the mind the better decisions we make, which ultimately is the goal.  As a result, decisions regarding family matters, friends, work, school, major purchases such as a home, car, or boat, and other important factors of life are made with clarity, which means huge mistakes can be avoided.

The challenge is that because we all live hectic lifestyles sometimes finding ways to stimulate and sharpen the mind is difficult.  Although there are a number of changes that could be made, one in particular that has a significant impact on the way we think is diet.  Without providing the body with proper nutrition, it the brain quickly becomes starved for the essentials needed to be sharp and operate effectively.  For this reason, along with eating a well-balanced diet of regular food, adding juicing recipes to stimulate the mind works amazing well to achieve this goal.

The great thing about using various juicing recipes to stimulate the mind is that in addition to achieving better focus and clarity, beverages are delicious and they make the perfect go-between meal for people on the run.  Of course, depending on the juicing recipes to stimulate the mind chosen, people could enjoy these beverages as a snack or light meal, or as a complete replacement meal.  The key is to learn which fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, grains, and nuts to use.  That way, along with using recipes we have provided, you could easily create your own masterpieces.

Juicing Recipes to Stimulate the Mind

Juicing Recipe – One

In addition to being one of the top juicing recipes to stimulate the mind, this blend is light and refreshing, making it ideal for breakfast or a snack.

•    One banana
•    One mango (seeds, string, and skin removed)
•    Two tablespoons fresh lemon
•    One teaspoon wheat germ
•    One-half cup crushed ice

Juicing Recipe – Two

Another one of the popular juicing recipes to stimulate the mind, people enjoy the sweet and refreshing flavor.  Because the rind contains as much as 95% of nutrients from this fruit, we recommend this recipe for people with a juicer that can handle rind.

•    One and one-half cup seedless watermelon
•    One cup fresh strawberries
•    One-half teaspoon guarana powder

Juicing Recipe – Three

Fatigue can be caused by a number of things, one being dehydration.  To stimulate the mind as a result of being dehydrated, the following recipe is a wonderful choice.

•    One-quarter cup seedless watermelon (rind included)
•    One-quarter cup cantaloupe (seeds removed but rind left on)
•    One-half papaya (seeds, string, and peel removed)
•    One teaspoon chlorophyll (promotes clarity of the mind)
•    10 fresh mint leaves
•    One-half cup crushed ice

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