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Juicing Recipes to Prevent Excessive Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural part of life but for some people, the amount is significant. For male pattern baldness, which also affects women, genetics plays a major role so preventing this type of hair loss is nearly impossible. In this case, the goal is to thicken existing hair and slow down the process. Then for hair loss associated with illness such as Alopecia, other factors are involved. Again, sometimes preventing loss is a challenge but as you are about to discover, good hygiene and proper diet can improve the situation.

If you have noticed your hair thinning or even falling out, we want to recommend that you consider a number of juicing recipes to prevent excessive hair loss. Again, juiced beverages may not prevent the problem but it can certainly give you a healthier scalp, which in turn promotes healthier hair. No matter the reason for hair loss, it is important to seek medical attention if this comes on quickly or if the amount of loss is major. Often, medication and various treatments are needed in addition to proper diet.

The key for using juicing recipes to prevent excessive hair loss has to do with the ingredients. Juicing has become a key remedy to help people with a long list of health issues but in all cases, to achieve success, the appropriate fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, grains, and nuts must be used. Just imagine using juicing recipes to prevent excess hair loss while enjoying amazing flavor. In addition, most juiced beverages that help with hair loss and thinning are good for overall health so as you can see, the benefits are tremendous. Although you may want to experiment as you go alone, we felt it would be helpful to offer some suggestions to get you started.

Juicing Recipes to Prevent Excessive Hair Loss

Juicing Recipe – One

With this and other juicing recipes to prevent excessive hair loss, you have the opportunity to nourish the body from the inside out. As a result, thinning and hair loss slows down and in many cases, hair thickens.

• Four carrots
• One red apple (cored, seeds removed, but skin left on)
• One cup alfalfa sprouts

Rich in beta carotene, as well as essential minerals needed to prevent hair loss, this particular recipe works incredibly well and it has a refreshing, subtle sweet flavor.

Juicing Recipe – Two

For a rich and satisfying flavor that also improves hair health, this recipe is a popular choice.

• Two carrots
• One medium cucumber (skin left on)
• One cup fresh spinach
• One cup asparagus

In addition to being among the popular choices for juicing recipes to prevent excessive hair loss, this drink benefits nails and bone due to the high sulfur content.

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