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Juicing Recipes to Aid Indigestion

Dealing with indigestion is miserable.  Sometimes, indigestion is caused from eating spicy or rich foods, sometimes it occurs from alcohol consumption or taking certain types of medication, and in other cases, indigestion can be the result of stress.  No matter the reason, that gnawing feeling deep in the gut can ruin the day.  Whether you struggle with indigestion only on occasion or as a chronic problem, a number of viable solutions are available.  Of course, it would be important to talk to your doctor if the problem has been ongoing to rule anything serious out but once you know you’re in good health and the indigestion is caused by stress, fatigue, or even diet, you can take the matter into your own hands with juicing recipes to aid indigestion.

The type of juicing recipes to aid indigestion that would benefit you most would depend on the underlying cause of the problem.  For this reason, we wanted to offer three recipes, each with a specific focus.  That way, you can see the types of ingredients recipes such as this use, which allows you to create your own if wanted.  Considering that juicing recipes to aid indigestion are good for overall health and taste amazing, fixing the problem is actually an enjoyable process.

Juicing Recipes to Aid Indigestion

Juicing Recipe – One for Stress

The first of the three juicing recipes to aid indigestion we wanted to offer helps relieve stress.  Therefore, if your stomach tends to get upset when you feel pressured, on a tight deadline, or worrying about something, this beverage would help.

•    Four carrots
•    One beet (keep the greens on)
•    One-quarter cup of fresh spinach
•    One-quarter cup romaine lettuce

Juicing Recipe – Two for Spicy Food

In addition to this juiced recipe being great for indigestion, it also has a refreshing flavor.

•    One half pineapple (peel removed)
•    Two kiwis (skin removed)
•    Two navel oranges (skin can be left on or taken off)
•    One-half cup of crushed ice

Juicing Recipe – Three for Celiac Disease

People who cannot consume protein gluten found in bread, pasta, cereal, cookies, and a variety of other foods that contain wheat, rye, or barley suffer from Celiac Disease.  The most common symptoms include diarrhea and indigestion.  In this case, juicing recipes to aid indigestion can calm those symptoms, giving people more control over quality of life.

•    Four carrots
•    One-half cup kale
•    One-eighth cup of fresh aloe

Although this beverage could be consumed as is, most people prefer to serve it over ice.

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