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Juicing Recipes for Shingles Relief

Many people are surprised to learn that shingles is actually caused by the herpes varicella zoster virus, the same one that causes cold sores and chickenpox.  As a child, when a person develops a case of chickenpox they heal but the virus that caused the illness is left within the body where it sits dormant.  When the body’s immune system is strong, it helps fight this particular virus, thus preventing a case of shingles.  However, extreme stress, poor general health, and a compromised immune system can trigger the herpes virus into action.  As a result, extremely painful sores known as shingles develop.

Because the virus responsible for herpes remains in the nervous system, when shingles is triggered sores appear along nerve paths typically around the waist, on the underside of the arms, and on the chest.  While living a healthy lifestyle certainly helps keep shingles at bay, sometimes sores appear anyway.  Seeing a doctor would be important, especially in severe cases but one thing people can do is use juicing recipes for shingles relief.  With the right fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, seeds, and nuts, the immune system can be bolstered, which in turn provides relief.

Juicing Recipes for Shingles Relief

Juicing Recipe – One

Among juicing recipes for shingles relief, this one helps reduce pain and inflammation.

•    One lemon (seeds removed but skin left on)
•    One navel orange (seeds removed but skin left on)
•    Three firm pears (seeds removed but skin left on)
•    Three red delicious apples (cored, seeds removed, and skin left on)

Juicing Recipe – Two

Another one of the top juicing recipes for shingles relief is loaded with vitamin C, which has been shown to boost the immune system and ease symptoms associated with this particular illness.

•    One cup black currants
•    Six kiwi (peeled)
•    One guava (seeded and peeled)
•    One tablespoon aloe vera gel (sold in local health food stores)

After juicing all the ingredients, you could enjoy as is or for a more refreshing beverage, serve on ice.

Juicing Recipe – Three

In addition to juicing recipes for shingles relief loaded with vitamin C, it is important to get plenty of vitamin E as well.

•    Two avocados (pitted and peeled)
•    Two tomatoes
•    One large mango (seeded and peeled)
•    One tablespoon aloe vera gel

This recipe has a unique flavor that is surprisingly delicious.  Because of the avocados, this juice needs to be consumed immediately after being made.  If wanted, the juice of one-half lemon could also be added, giving the recipe a little zing.

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