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Juicing – How Do I Begin – A Step by Step Guide

Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables at home offers a convenient and nutritious means for eating healthy, losing weight and detoxifying the body. As opposed to traditional juices that you purchase at the grocery store, fresh juice made in your own kitchen offers you the unique opportunity to create juices that are rich in nutrients. Conventional juices are processed and are full of sugar and other additives that are not healthy.

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If you wish to start juicing you may wonder where you begin. Here we offer you a step by step guide to juicing.

Step One

Before you go out and buy a juicer you need to understand why fresh juice is so important for your health. Both fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients. They contain natural healing properties that can boost your level of health without the need for supplements.

Fresh juice offers you concentrated nutrients and can be thought of as a natural vitamin and mineral cocktail. It also helps to boost your energy levels because many of the nutrients remain intact during the juicing process. Fresh juice also helps to facilitate the digestive process.

Step Two

You need to make decisions about a juicing regimen that are informed and healthy. You must realize that adding fresh juice to your daily diet is smart but it cannot be thought of as a form of meal replacement. It is an excellent way however to increase the amount of fruits and veggies that you consume on a regular basis.

Step Three

Get acquainted with organic produce. The absolute best choices for natural juices are fruits and vegetables that are not treated with pesticides. Even if you find organic produce a little pricy you can still choose products that are the least heavily sprayed with chemicals. The most heavily sprayed fruits and vegetables are referred to as the “dirty dozen.” Find out what these are and avoid them.

Step Four

Choose the fruits and veggies that you will juice carefully. If you suffer from a particular health condition or are trying to lose weight then ask your doctor, your nutritionist or the specialist you are seeing if they can recommend to you which products would be good choices for you to juice. For instance carrots are beneficial when it comes to purifying both the liver and the skin. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. Lemon and lime are detoxifying and cleansing to the body.

Step Five

Do your homework before you buy a juicing machine. When you take the time to start looking over the various models available you will discover that there are a great many and you may find yourself confused by the array of options in front of you. Consider your price range and look for a juicer that is not very complicated to use. You also want to buy one that does a good job.

A Champion Juicer (or its equivalent) is a wise choice for the juicing novice because it is capable of extracting most of the pulp from the fruits and veggies that you place in the juicer. This offers you the maximum in nutritional benefits.

You also need to buy a juice that is reasonably simple to clean. If it’s hard to clean then you will start to think of juicing as a chore and will be less inclined to indulge in it frequently. Be aware that not every juicing machine can juice vegetables. Some are only designed for fruits.

Purchase a juicer that is versatile and can accommodate everything from fruits to vegetables to all of your leafy greens. This type may cost you a little more money but it will offer you a greater level of flexibility in the types of juices you can make at home.

Step Six

Be safe in your juicing practices. When you juice you must wash your hands thoroughly before you handle any of the fruits and the vegetables. You must also take the time to clean the produce. Rinse with water for a few minutes. If you hand wash your juicer or blender use hot and soapy water to make sure it is completely cleaned.

Make sure it is totally dry before you put it away. This will prevent the development of bacteria. If you use your dishwasher instead then use the sanitize cycle on the appliance.

Drink the juice you make right away, preferably the same day. The juice is not pasteurized and therefore it will not keep very long. If you wish to keep it a few days then make sure you do not leave it beyond a week.

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