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What is the Best Juicer for Home use?

When trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle, many people turn to juicing as a way of eating clean. Juicing is a tasty and fun way to put healthy food into your body. Juicing extracts the valuable nutrients from your fruits and vegetables and delivers it to you in an easy to drink form. With so many products available on the market, you’re probably asking yourself which one is the best to buy for home use. You definitely don’t to go any cheaper than necessary; those machines leave lots of liquid in the pulp and are a nightmare to clean. If you’re looking for information on quality juicers before you take the leap, look no further. We’ve crammed countless carrots and oranges into a variety of machines, and these four yielded the best results.

Breville RM-JE98XL

juicerBreville is renowned for their juicers because they are strong, durable, and user friendly. This model’s main selling point is how easy it is to clean. Some have awkward nooks and crannies that make cleaning them a tedious effort. This unit is small with an emphasis on space efficiency, reducing the area you’ll have to clean. Don’t be fooled by its small size, this Breville has quite a little motor on it. This unit does a great job at getting every last drop from your fruits and vegetables, leaving the pulp dry as the pavement in the middle of July. The only downside is it may be a bit on the loud side, but not any louder than your traditional blender.

Motor Watts Speed Type Materials/Features Warranty
850 6,500 rpm – 12,000 rpm Centrifugal Polymer Body; Overload Protection; Safety; Large Pulp Container 1 Year Limited

Hamilton Beach 67608A Big Mouth

This unit is one of the most cost efficient models we demoed without sacrificing quality. The 67608A Big Mouth comes Hamilton Beachwith an 800-watt motor that’s powerful enough to get the last drop from even the toughest of vegetables. As its name implies, the extra large mouth on the unit lets you fit whole foods to cut down on your prep time. It even comes with an extra pulp bin so you can juice your little heart out. Cleaning the unit is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take more than a few minutes; its dishwasher safe as well! We found that lining the pulp bin with a grocery bag eliminates a huge chunk of the cleaning process. All in all, this is a great product for those new to juicing.

Motor Watts Speed Type Materials/Features


800 10,500 rpm – 14,260 rpm Centrifugal Polymer Body; juice container = 20-oz; steel strainer/cutter 3-year

Cuisinart CJE-1000

Cuisinart CJE-1000This unit boasts a powerful motor at 1000 watts. You can bet that a powerful motor such as this one will extract liquid efficiently. Besides its powerful motor, the CJE-1000 is not hard on the eyes at all. It’s made with stainless steel (as opposed to plastic) and comes with a control dial and an LED indicator which gives it its sleek, modern look. The control dial lets you choose between five speeds, depending on how tough and fibrous your vegetables are. Its 3 inch mouth will let you just toss in apples and pears without having to cut them up. The CJE-1000s main strength is in how quiet it is when in use, perfect for early morning juicing sessions.

Motor Watts Speed Type Materials/Features Warranty
1000 13,000 rpm Centrifugal Stainless steel; 5-speed; BPA Free; easy unlock Limited 3-year

Breville BJE200XL

Yes, Breville made the list twice, that’s how good their juicers are. This model is a Breville BJE200XLcentrifugal type, and its 700 watt motor operates at an impressive 14,000 RPM. We found our pulp to be bone dry whenever it was scooped out after juicing. The fine engineers at Breville managed to fit a powerful motor into a small, compact area so that it doesn’t take up much counter space. Having an efficient, compact design, this unit is fairly easy to clean, averaging about 3 minutes to completely clean. Combine this with the 3 inch mouth that reduces your prep time, and you have the perfect formula for a super efficient juicing machine. Like all Breville units, the BJE200XL is very durable and will last you several years.


Motor Watts Speed Type Materials/Features Warranty
700 13,000 rpm Centrifugal Filter is stainless-steel; Feed tube = 3″ (76 mm); Safety lock; Juice Jug 25oz (800ml) 1 Year Limited Product Warranty

If your first juicer is a cheap, inefficient one, you’ll have a bad experience with juicing that may turn you away from it, which is why its prudent to invest in a quality unit. Taking a dive into the world of juicing can be daunting, but once you’re in and initiated, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it

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