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Delicious and Filling Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

weight loss juice recipesThe process of losing weight involves not just one method but several.  As an example, multiple studies have been conducted over many years that show to lose weight properly, you need to eat right, get adequate exercise, get proper sleep, and live a healthy lifestyle.  All of these things combined increase the success rate for dropping unwanted pounds.

For diet, the key is choosing healthy food items that are nutritionally sound and those loaded with “healthy calories”.  Eating the right food is essential for giving the body what it needs to survive and thrive but you can also introduce nutrients to the body while losing weight through juicing.

Millions of people around the country have discovered the wonderful flavors but also health benefits that come from juicing.  The great thing is that because you can combine virtually any fresh or frozen vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and even herbs, you have control over the flavor of the weight loss juicing recipe.

After all, some people like sweet juicing recipes, some prefer more subtle or earthy flavors, while others like a combination of the two.

If you were to conduct a search through any number of the top search engines, the sheer number of weight loss recipes would astound you.  Because there is such a wide array of choices, we wanted to offer three recipes that tend to be favorites for losing weight.

Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

Recipe One

With this first  recipe, you would enjoy the delicious flavor but also appreciate that the ingredients are so filling.  As a result, you could use this recipe for breakfast and easily last the day without experiencing that nagging sensation of hunger.

•    One cucumber (leave skin on)
•    One medium red apple (cored, seeds removed, but skin left on)
•    Three stalks of celery (leaves on)
•    Two tablespoons of vanilla flavored protein powder (sold at health food stores)

Simply juice all the listed ingredients and enjoy.

Recipe Two

This second  recipe is on the sweeter side, which makes it a great noon time meal or snack.  With this, you would have the opportunity to enjoy something sweet but without empty calories, which are those that contain no nutritional value.

•    Two navel oranges (skin removed)
•    Six large strawberries
•    One grapefruit (skin removed)
•    One-half a banana (peeled)
•    Two tablespoons plain or vanilla flavored protein powder)
•    One-quarter cup of cubed ice

To make this juicing recipe you would simply run all the ingredients, including ice through the juicing machine.

Recipe Three

This last recipe is loaded with vitamins and minerals, it taste rich, and best of all, it satisfies.

•    Four large carrots
•    Two celery stalks (leaves on)
•    One-quarter cup fresh spinach
•    One red apple (cored, seeded, and skin left on)
•    Two tablespoons each lemon and lime juice
•    Three sprigs fresh parsley

Many people trying to drop pounds will choose this  recipe as a replacement meal at dinnertime but it is delicious any time of day.

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