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Tips for Budget Savvy Juicing – Be Healthy Not Broke !

Trying to save some money is something many people must do. But it is important to pinch pennies in such a manner that it does not affect your health. Juicing on a budget is possible, whether your whole family juices or if it is just you who enjoys drinking some of your nutrients. Buying all of the ingredients necessary for juicing purposes can really add up over time.

juicingYou go through a lot of fruits and vegetables when you juice, especially if you indulge in this healthy habit on a daily basis. Even juicing two to three times a week can get expensive if you are trying out a variety of different recipes regularly.

Getting all of the nutrients you receive from a natural vegetable or fruit juice in one glass can meet your nutritional goals but it can also empty your wallet quickly. Of course you are making a tremendous investment in your good health when you start juicing for optimum health but you do not want all of the produce you are buying on a regular basis to eat up too much of your overall food budget.

How can you continue to juice at home but do it in a budget savvy manner?

Plan Ahead- Write Up a List

You need to plan ahead for the vegetables, fruits and herbs that you want to juice for the week ahead. Create a juicing schedule and decide which types of natural juices you will prepare on various days of the week. Write up a list and then when you go to the supermarket buy only the items on the list. Be conscious of what you are buying. You will overspend if you enter the grocery store without a list. Planning helps to save you money.

Cut Necessary Corners

Cut some corners with the juice drinks that you make. You can add spring water or mineral water to your juices as opposed to adding in extra produce. You can also combine the fresh juice you make with smoothies you whip up. For example, fruit juice mixes very well with green smoothies. Another option would be a tasty and nutritious carrot juice peach smoothie. This type of smoothies would be a blend of carrot juice and whole peaches. This is healthy, delicious and easy on your pocketbook!

Lots of Water

For your juicing recipes choose fruits and vegetables that are high in water content. When you choose this type of produce you will get more bang for your buck while at the same time being able to enjoy nutritious juices that are natural and fresh. Cucumber is a good choice, as is cantaloupe, honeydew melon and watermelon.

Other good choices of high water content produce include apples, oranges, carrots and celery. Apricots, berries, cherries, grapes, leafy greens and peaches make good ingredients for natural juices but they do not contain very much water. You can use these types of produce but do not use them as staples because they will cause you to spend more money than you want to. Enjoy these types of produce once a month for instance instead of once a week. Juicing can still be fun!

Shop Locally

Shop for your fruits and veggies at farmers’ markets in your community or from local farmers that you are acquainted with. The middle man is removed from these markets and therefore the produce is often cheaper. You can feel good knowing that you are buying locally grown vegetables and fruits for your natural juice recipes and you can also ask the farmers the questions that you need to in order to be a conscientious and eco-friendly consumer. For example you can find out if the produce is organically grown and if sustainable farming is put to use.

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