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Juice Recipes to Help Reduce and Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can cause the sufferer tremendous discomfort. To prevent the development of kidney stones you should eat a high fiber diet that includes lots of fluids. A diet that is primarily plant based is best and you should consume lots of water on a regular basis (that means every day and often throughout the day!). Diets that are high in animal fat and protein encourage the formation of kidney stones. ...

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Juicing for Eczema Relief

Your eczema is flaring up again! You are constantly following your doctor’s suggestions when it comes to coping with the symptoms of this irritating skin condition but still you suffer. You wonder what else you can do to help your skin so that the eczema flare ups will happen less frequently. One thing you can do for eczema relief is to start juicing. When you juice fruits and vegetables you provide your bo ...

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Juicing Your Voice Back to Normal – Laryngitis

Laryngitis is a type of inflammation that affects the vocal cords and therefore the ability to talk. It most often develops when a person has overused their voice (for insist those who sing professionally often develop this health condition throughout their musical careers). Laryngitis may also result from a cold or an infection. Heavy smokers may also develop bouts of laryngitis. If you have developed lary ...

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Juicing to Help Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety, depression and feelings of hopelessness assail you and you are doing everything you can to improve your set of circumstances and to feel better. But are you eating (and drinking) healthy enough? Juicing to help your mental mind and juicing for anxiety and depression can help to bolster your spirits and put more life back into your life! It can also increase your energy levels so you do not feel as ...

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3 – Cleansing and Weight Loss Juicing Recipes

If you wish to lose weight you need to change the way you eat and the amount you eat. You need to take in fewer calories but at the same time you need to eat the right amount of nutrients so you can continue to be healthy while you are in the process of shedding pounds. Taking care of yourself is half the battle. Juicing for cleansing means detoxifying to be healthier.  Juicing for weight loss can then help ...

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Bone Building Juice Recipes for Osteoporosis

Juicing can help those who have developed the disease osteoporosis. It can also help those who want to build stronger bones. Bones that are brittle and weak can lead to injuries and damage whereas strong bones that are helped along by good nutrition can be yours for a lifetime if you do everything you can to take care of your health. Vegetable juices are particularly beneficial for those who suffer from ost ...

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Improving Your Skin and Irritated Eyes – Juicing Recipes for Beauty

Looking better is something that is important to everyone. Adding natural fresh juice to your daily routine will support and maintain your good health and it will also help you to look better too! When you supply your body with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it needs this has positive effects on your appearance as well. You may not give your skin or your eyes that much thought but they need as mu ...

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