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Migraine Headache Juicing Recipes

While there are many different types of headaches, migraines are without doubt the most debilitating.  Even when the migraine is minor, it causes significant pain.  However, if you suffer from severe migraine headaches, then you understand all too well the intensity of pain, which is compounded by problems with vision, nausea, poor judgment, etc.  Unlike a standard headache, migraines cause a serious problem of light and noise sensitivity.

Approximately 17% of people in the United States experience at least on migraine while about 20 million have one every day.  Statistics show that of people in the United States that get migraine headaches, 25% are women while 8% are men, with as much as 98% of sufferers getting their first one before age 50.  To keep migraines at bay, many people take maintenance medication while others use medication for relief once the headache has started.

Although prescription medication is sometimes necessary, most medical professionals agree that proper diet and a healthy lifestyle are beneficial in preventing or stopping migraines.  For instance, migraine juicing recipes use ingredients that help reduce the devastating effects of this type of headache.  Remember, fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, grains, and nuts use for migraine juicing recipes address the primary problem of blood vessels restriction but also other triggers such as allergies, hormonal changes, and even stress.  The following are just a few examples of migraine juicing recipes that have shown to make a huge improvement for migraine sufferers.

In addition to the migraine headache juicing recipes provided, you could use ingredients that help with this type of health issue to create your own recipes.  For instance, in addition to the ingredients listed, bananas, watercress, evening primrose oil, skullcap, thyme, Valerian, Vervain, chamomile, lemon balm, and lavender are excellent ingredients.  Because many of the ingredients used for migraine headache juicing recipes are so delicious, healthy, and safe, these beverages can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Migraine Headache Juicing Recipes

Recipe One

•    One-half cup blackberries
•    One cup cantaloupe (skin left on)
•    Two celery stalks
•    Three medium carrots

Recipe Two

•    One cup broccoli
•    Two celery stalks
•    One cup green, leafy greens
•    One-eighth cup onion
•    Two sprigs fresh parsley
•    Small pinch garlic powder

Recipe Three

•    Two carrots
•    One celery stalk
•    One-half cucumber (skin left on)
•    One medium apple (cored, seeds removed, and skin left on)
•    One sprig of dill

Recipe Four

•    One cup broccoli
•    Two carrots
•    One medium red apple (skin left on)
•    Small pinch cayenne pepper
•    Small pinch dried rosemary

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