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Juicing with Extras – Healthy Additions for Your Juicing Recipes

Making your own natural juices is a special and satisfying way to bring some glamor into your diet. It packs an extra wallop when it comes to nutrition that any body could use!

juice recipesJuicing on its own, whether it be juicing for weight loss or juicing for a specific health condition is very nutritious but sometimes it is nice to add in something extra to give the natural raw juice a little more of a kick. Juicing with extras also means that you get an additional supply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which is sure to do both your body and mind a great deal of good. It will also boost your energy level as well!

What juicing extras can you try?


You may have heard of probiotics when it comes to yogurt. They are friendly bacteria (also known as friendly flora or good bacteria) that can benefit the digestive system. Probiotics are capable of restoring the level of good bacteria in the gut to make it balance out. By restoring the friendly flora this makes the digestive system function better and it helps to prevent stomach cramps, flatulence and other types of stomach upsets from occurring. Buy probiotic capsules and then break open a capsule and add half of it to your juice.


Regardless of whether you are whipping up a fruity natural juice concoction or a veggie delight at home you can always add a littler more fiber to it. Fiber helps to keep your body regular and ensures that your bowels work as nature intended. Try some flax fiber or psyllium husk in your tasty natural juicing recipes. If you decide to go with the psyllium then add only a dash to your juice because it firms up the liquid which is not what you want too much of for a beverage! It would be a good idea to add enough water to your fresh juice so it will be watery in its consistency and from there more absorbent to drink.

Flax Seed Oil

Flax seed oil can be added to any type of natural fruit or vegetable juice. This is a healthy oil that can provide you with an extra helping of essential fatty acids.


Spirulina is one of the oldest known foods on the planet and is extremely healthy. It is a type of green algae that offers a rich source of calcium and other minerals. While very nutritious spirulina can take some time to get used to in terms of its taste. It has the taste of the ocean to it so only use a tiny amount to begin with. Start by adding a teaspoon or two to your natural juices when you are first adding all of the ingredients into the juicing machine. In time you can work up to ½ to one tablespoon. This super green can turn your drink green though so experiment with the juicing recipes that it works with but tread lightly to start!

Liquid Herbal Extracts (Tinctures)

A natural juice drink made in the comfort of your own kitchen can be wonderful but if you wish to add an herb to it then a tincture or a liquid herbal extract can do the trick. There are a number of different extracts that you can try. Some of these extracts of herbs can be intense so if you add them to your juicing recipes then you should add only a small portion. Adding too much can change the taste of your drink.

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