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Juicing Recipes For Glaucoma

Sadly, more than two million people in the United States alone live with glaucoma although approximately 50% have no clue.  When eye pressure rises, the risk for glaucoma exists.  This pressure can cause damage to the optic nerve but without any symptoms or pain, it goes unchecked.  Eventually, the pressure becomes too much, which results in this eye disease.  Although glaucoma is frightening, you need to know that it can be detected with a simple and painless test.  For this reason, everyone should have an annual eye exam and more often if there is a known family history of glaucoma.

This pressure that builds up in the eye is the result of drainage channels within the eye becoming clogged.  Now, in addition to prevention, once a person has been diagnosed with this condition, medicated eye drops can control the pressure.  As pressure is maintained at a normal and healthy level, any risk of vision loss is eliminated.  Today, doctors can prescribe different types of medication although Xalatan has been shown to be the most effective.

In addition to regular eye exams to prevent or diagnose glaucoma, as well as using eye drops if pressure in the eye is high, you can do a few other things for both prevention and maintenance, one of these having to do with diet.  While some controversy surrounds diet and glaucoma, multiple studies have been conducted that show a direct link.  It is important to understand that proper diet cannot eliminate the cause of excess fluid, even when the drainage channels have been surgically repaired but, for remaining sight, diet is critical.

For one thing, certain foods must be eliminated from the diet to include caffeine.  Additionally, excessive fluids need to be avoided, regardless of what the fluid is.  Just as some foods should be cut out, others need to be consumed as a regular part of the diet.  A few examples include fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains, and seeds, which is why glaucoma juicing recipes are ideal people with glaucoma.  Because juicing uses all of the food groups that are allowed, you can create amazing meals or snacks that taste great, provide the body with rich nutrients, and help combat destruction associated with glaucoma.

For glaucoma juicing recipes, the goal is to choose fresh foods high in vitamins A, C, and E, beta-carotene, and chlorophyll, which builds red blood cells and helps distribute oxygen to cells.  The following are just a few examples of glaucoma juicing recipes that people love.

Juicing Recipes For Glaucoma

Recipe One

•    Two cups kale
•    Two cups parsley
•    One cup spinach leaves
•    Three celery stalks
•    One cucumber (skin left on)

Loaded with the antioxidant Chlorophyll, this particular glaucoma juicing recipe is rated as one of the best.

Recipe Two

•    One medium red apple (cored, seeds removed, and skin left on)
•    Three large kiwi (skin removed)
•    One cup blackberries

This is a delicious glaucoma juicing recipe that can be enjoyed as is or on ice.  Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, it provides support for healthy eyes.

Recipe Three

•    Four carrots
•    One cup fresh spinach leaves
•    One cup kale
•    One medium red apple (cored, seeds removed, and skin left on)

The last glaucoma juicing recipe we wanted to mention is also delicious while at the same time providing a heavy dose of vitamin A.

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