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Juicing Recipes for Clear and Beautiful Skin

When it comes to your skin, what you put inside your body is much more important than what you put on it. Expensive skin creams and moisturizers cannot take the place of eating a diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. To repair and restore your skin you need to consume a plentiful amount of fruits and vegetables. Juicing fruits and vegetables offers an alternative and innovative way to improve the quality of your skin.

juice recipes for healthy skin When your digestive system becomes overworked with dealing with unhealthy food choices it can lead to dull, sluggish looking skin that is prone to breakouts. When the kidneys and the liver have to cope with high quantities of waste then the toxins can build up to the point where they cause blemishes on the skin and other skin eruptions. This would explain why you may notice that your skin breaks out following a facial or a deep tissue massage. These treatments bring toxins to the surface in order to release them.

Drinking Fresh Juice

Drinking fresh raw juice that you make at home in your own juicer is capable of cleansing your system and provides it with an abundance of vitamins and minerals that can improve the condition and appearance of your skin. Fresh juices are very easily digestible. They can keep you well hydrated and they also detoxify the tissues and cells. Even if you decide to juice for your skin you do still need to eat fruits and vegetables as well. Fiber is important for your skin and for your health in general.

Beauty Nutrients for Your Skin

There are a number of nutrients that the skin needs to be healthy, strong, smooth and youthful. All of these nutrients are found in plentiful supply in fruits and vegetables. These nutrients include vitamins A, B-Complex, C and E as well as beta-carotene, silica and zinc. These nutrients aid in the development of the skin, as well as in supporting the growth and maintenance of collagen and elastic. These antioxidants also help to protect the skin from free radical damage and they are a necessary element of cell reproduction.

Juice Recipes for Smooth Skin

To improve the quality and condition of your skin here are some juicing recipes to experiment with. To make these tasty concoctions you will need to go shopping for the right ingredients and you will need to buy a good juicer.

Berry Berry Good Skin Beautifier

1 cup blackberries

1 cup blueberries

1 cup raspberries

1 cup strawberries

Juice all the ingredients. Remove the stems, juice the berries. Make sure to save the pulp and eat it later for fiber.

Skin Smoother

2 large carrots

l celery stalk

1 apple

l cucumber

Cucumbers are good for the health of the skin, both when they are eaten as well as when they are applied topically. They are rich in silica which helps the skin to remain elastic and the complexion glowing with life. It is best to purchase organic cucumbers for juicing. If you buy organic cucumbers then leave the peels on. The majority of the silica can be found in the peels. If you are unable to buy organic cucumbers for juicing then remove the peels before you juice them.

Ginger Orange & Berry Juice

1-inch piece of fresh ginger root

2 oranges

½ cup of berries (any kind)

Juice ingredients together and then enjoy!

Anti-Aging Cabbage Juice

4 large or 8 small cabbage leaves

6 carrots

½ – 1–inch piece of ginger

Juice ingredients together. Cabbage is an excellent source of beta-carotene, vitamin C and selenium.

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