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Juicing Recipes for Anemia

Although juicing as a way to combat illness is nothing new, popularity has increased dramatically in the past several years.  Americans have come to realize the epidemic in this country specific to obesity and poor health, which fortunately has promoted many to make change.  Because diet has such a huge impact on health and wellness, it makes perfect sense that interest in juicing would increase.

juice for healthy lifeThe great thing about juicing is that in addition to being the ideal way to provide the body with necessary nutrition to help prevent and fight disease, juicing is beneficial for a variety of other things such as constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, and even bad breath among other things.  The possibilities associated with juicing are almost limitless but in this article we wanted to provide information on how using fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, grains, and herbs can help with anemia.

For people living with anemia, the count of red blood cells falls below normal range.  With red blood cells responsible for taking oxygen to different parts of the body, when anemia develops various symptoms develop with fatigue being the most common.  However, dizziness, headaches, cold feet and hands, fast heartbeat, and other symptoms would be expected.  By using juicing recipes for anemia, red blood cell count can be increased, which in turn improves symptoms.  In addition, at the first suggestion of anemia, juicing recipes for anemia can actually prevent the problem.

Juicing Recipes for Anemia

Juicing Recipe – One

While this first juicing recipe for anemia contains wheatgrass, which is very beneficial, it is important to start with a small amount and use this recipe only occasionally as too much wheatgrass can cause diarrhea.

•    One-half cup fresh wheatgrass
•    One Granny Smith apple (cored, seeds removed, but skin left on)
•    One-half lemon (seeds and skin removed)
•    Three sprigs of fresh mint

For the best results, alternate the soft and hard ingredients.

Juicing Recipe – Two

Spinach is an excellent ingredient associated with juicing recipes for anemia and other health issues.  Combined with the other ingredients, you would consume rich nutrients to include carotene, vitamins C and E, selenium, zinc, and bioflavanoids.

•    One-half cup fresh spinach
•    One-quarter cup fresh parsley
•    Two celery stalks
•    Three carrots
•    One-half lemon (seeds removed but skin left on)
•    One-half beet

This juicing recipe for anemia is best when consumed immediately rather than stored and enjoyed over time.

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  • Cassandra

    Hi — my 23yo daughter was recently diagnosed with severe anemia; she’s always been anemic but it’s gotten worse over the years. With the recipes listed how often would they need to be consumed daily, weekly?? thanks

    • Don Miller

      Cassandra I juice daily, sometimes twice a day , consult you doctor,

    • Robert Lee

      1-2 times a day but please check with her doctor to be sure. Thanks

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