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Juicing for Kids – Keep it Simple and Creative

If you are having a difficult time getting your children to eat their fruits and vegetables when you sit down for meals then you may wish to try making your own natural raw juices at home. Juicing is an excellent way to provide your kids with the nutrition they need for their growing bodies and minds.

Natural fruit and veggie juices can be as healthy for your children as they are for you. Many children enjoy the taste of fresh juice. As a snack it wins tops marks and is so much better than your child eating foods that are full of sugar and preservatives.

Juicing Suggestions for Children

kids juice recipesJuicing for children is something you can start early in your child’s life but not too early. Infants should be given their mothers’ milk or formula but not natural juice.

By the time your child is around three years of age you can give juicing a try. Most doctors would tell you that it is wise to dilute the juice you make 1:1 for children who are three to 12 years of age. You should give them no more than 5 fl. ounces of juice per day, diluted with water. Once your child becomes a teen then he or she can drink fresh juice in its undiluted form.

Start your kids on mild juices that only contain one or two ingredients. You need to introduce them to juices in a gentle manner that will make them want to enjoy all that juicing has to offer. Single juices are the best choice at first. Plain apple is a good idea. Make sure that you dilute it by half. As your child becomes more accustomed to the taste of fresh raw juice made from your juicing processor then you can get more creative with your juicing recipes. Make learning about new juices an adventure that you can enjoy as a family!

When you first decide to try your child on fresh juices you should give them a couple of servings of filtered water-diluted natural juice once a week. If this is met with a smile and a nod of approval from your children then be pleased that you have found a flavor that they like. Build up to one to two servings per day or every other day.

Juicing for colds and when recovering from a respiratory infection or the flu is an excellent way to help to heal your child’s body and also to encourage greater nourishment. They are also very cleansing for the system. Solid foods are more difficult to digest and can make recovery a slower process as opposed to a faster one. Try red raspberry tea combined with fresh juice for your youngster or your teen to help speed up the recuperation period.

To prevent boredom, once your kids are use to natural juicing, offer them a variety of juices as opposed to sticking with one or two. You might also want to experiment with some herbs. To quench their thirst add some banana to the juice you are making or toss in some avocado for a twist of flavor. This is not only tasty but makes for a nutritious snack that will fill them up!

Juicing Recipes for Youngsters

Youngsters can enjoy the taste of any number of raw fruits and vegetable juicing recipes. When they are old enough you can include them in the preparations to make them enjoy the experience of juicing even more!

Here are some juicing recipes to try with your kids:

Apple Juice
3 to 4 medium apples, yield about 1 cup

Apple/Carrot Juice
2 red apples and 1 carrot, yield 1 cup

Apple/Grape Juice
2 apples and a small bunch of grapes, yield 1 cup

Orange Juice
2 medium oranges, yield 1 cup

Orange/Carrot Juice
1 orange and 1 carrot, yield ¾ cup

Pear Juice
2 medium pears yield, 1 cup

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