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Juicing and Hypothyroidism

juice recipesEating nutritiously is vital for those who suffer from hypothyroidism (which is a low or underactive thyroid gland). An alternative method of healing that works well when it accompanies eating healthy is to make your own juices.  Raw fruit and vegetable juices are capable of detoxifying the body, as well as cleansing the colon and restoring the balance to the body when there are vitamins and minerals that are depleted. Including juicing in your daily diet  can also provide you with renewed energy and vitality which everybody needs, and will make you healthier !

What is Hypothyroidism?

The thyroid gland is a small gland situated next to the larynx in the neck that is shaped like a butterfly. This gland secretes two hormones that help every cell, organ and tissue in the body to work properly. When not enough of the hormones are secreted from the thyroid gland it results in a condition known as hypothyroidism but other things can cause the condition as well.

Insufficient amount of the minerals iodine and selenium are believed to be factors in the disease as are a poor diet and high levels of stress.  This condition is such that the immune system produces antibodies that attack the gland as opposed to protecting it. The most common symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland include excessive tiredness, low energy, low body temperature, dry skin, problems shedding pounds and changes in metabolism.

Juicing Your Way to Better Health of Your Thyroid

Fresh vegetable juice has been shown to have positive effects on an unhealthy thyroid gland. If you have an underactive thyroid gland juice using live raw plants such as leafy greens, carrots, cucumbers and green herbs. All of these veggies are natural cleansers for the body and also natural detoxifying agents. Vegetable juices are particularly beneficial because they absorb very fast into the body and go to work just as rapidly in supplying the body with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

Fresh juice is a superior choice in comparison to commercial brands found at supermarkets. Juicing organic vegetables for hypothyroidism is the best choice of all. Organic produce can offer complex healing and the boost to the immune system that a sluggish thyroid gland requires.

Thyroid disease is serious and for that reason juicing is worth exploring further. Making your own fresh juices in your kitchen and doing it often can do wonders for your thyroid gland. It can support the gland in working better and it can help to ramp up the function of the immune system in order that you can restore the healthy element to your life.

Using raw fruits and veggies can support the body in being strong and resilient and can offer a tremendous helping hand in the healing department. When you juice you should use fruits that are freshly squeezed as well as fresh vegetables and fresh herbs. Some of the top choices to cleanse the body and help the thyroid gland work well include combinations of these foods:








-cayenne pepper


-leafy greens






For the health of your thyroid gland it is wise to use a variety of different ingredients and to mix them up as much as possible. On the days when juicing seems like a lot of work try making fruit and vegetable smoothies in your blender.

Juicer Recipe Ideas

Try these natural juice combinations as a therapy for your thyroid:

  • Carrot juice
  • Carrot, beet, and cucumber juice
  • Carrot and spinach juice
  • Carrot, parsley, celery, and spinach with ¼ tsp. of powdered kelp or dulce

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