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Juicer Recipes – Natures Remedy for Anemia

juicingIf you have been diagnosed with anemia then being tired has probably become a constant companion of yours. Anemia is a medical condition whereby you either have less than the normal number of red blood cells or you may have less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin that should be in your bloodstream. This means that the capacity for oxygen to be carried in your blood is reduced.

While juicing will not necessarily make this condition go away, it will help you to get more of the nutrients needed to improve and build up your red blood cells and it can also help you to not feel so lethargic all of the time!

Juicing for anemia needs to be about making raw juices that are high in the mineral iron. Some of your best choices need to include kale, spinach and other greens. Beet juices are also a winner for those who are anemic. If you decide to make beet juice however you should not make pure beet juice on its own. Mix it with other juices so it will not ambush and overwhelm your taste buds with such a strong flavor!

Anemia Juicing Recipes

Here are some tasty natural juicing recipes you can try to help you feel better:

Popeye’s Green Delight

To build stamina and strength and to improve the quality of your blood, drink your spinach in a natural raw juice mixed with other healthy vegetables.

4 carrots

1 beet with the greens

Large handful of spinach

Trim the carrots and slice them into 2 to 3 inch pieces. Slice the beet up into narrow wedges. Place all of the veggies into the juicing machine. This recipe makes about eight ounces.

Bunny See Bunny Do Drink

To have the energy to hop about like a rabbit you need to juice up some food that would delight any bunny’s heart!

5 carrots

10 spinach leaves

4 turnip leaves

4 sprigs of watercress

Trim the carrots and slice them into 2 to 3 inch pieces. Place all of the veggies into the juicing processor. Start with the carrots. This recipe will yield eight ounces of natural juice for anemia.

AB Juice

Called AB juice because it is made up of apples and a beet this juice is dark in color but very nutritional in content. This recipe will provide you with eight ounces of juice.

½ beet with the greens

3 to 4 apples

Cut the apples and the beet into narrow wedges. Place both ingredients into the juicer and make your natural juice drink that is good for your blood.

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