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Juice Recipes to Help Reduce and Prevent Kidney Stones

juicing to help kidneysKidney stones can cause the sufferer tremendous discomfort. To prevent the development of kidney stones you should eat a high fiber diet that includes lots of fluids. A diet that is primarily plant based is best and you should consume lots of water on a regular basis (that means every day and often throughout the day!).

Diets that are high in animal fat and protein encourage the formation of kidney stones. Stones in the kidneys are most often formed from the joining of calcium and oxalic acid. Some develop as a result of uric acid and other combinations of minerals.

Just as you can juice for other health conditions, so can you juice for kidney stones. The recipes provided here will help to prevent kidney stones and will aid those who have had them in the past down the path of healing.

Natural raw juices that contain cranberries help to flush toxins from the body and contribute to good kidney functioning. Watermelon juice also has a very cleansing effect on the kidneys.

Juice Recipes for to Help Your Kidney Function

To improve how your kidneys work try these juicing recipes:

Apple-Cranberry Juice

(One serving makes about 8 ounces)

The sweetness of the apples in this recipe cuts through the tart quality of the berries.

3 apples

1 cup cranberries

Cut the apple into narrow wedges. Process the apples and berries together in the juicing machine and then enjoy! This is a juice you will grow so fond of that you will find yourself making it time and time again.

Carrot-Cucumber-Beet Juice

(One serving makes about 8 ounces)

This juice flushes toxins from the system and is very tasty! Any time you juice beets it is important that you mix the juice with milder juices because beets have a very intense flavor. This juice is particularly beneficial for those who consume meat on a regular basis.

2-3 carrots

½ cucumber

½ beet with the greens

Trim the carrots and cut them into 2 to 3 inch pieces. Cut the cucumber into quarters and then into strips. Cut the beet into narrow wedges. Combine all ingredients in the juicer. Then enjoy your natural juice cocktail!

To create a different taster for the natural cleansing cocktail, substitute ½ of a small zucchini for the cucumber.

Other Options

Other fruits and vegetables that make for good juicing when you have kidney stones and/or for the prevention of them include:

  • Apricots
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Celery
  • Corn
  • Fennel
  • Mango
  • Melon
  • Peaches

Other Kidney Stone Prevention Juicing Recipes

Here are two more juicing recipes to whip up that will do your kidneys good!


2 peaches

2 apricots

½ cup of green grapes

A quarter head of fennel


10 spears of asparagus

1 apple

1 stalk of broccoli

2 carrots

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