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Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

Are you tired of carrying around unwanted pounds? Do you want to make a permanent lifestyle change so ultimately you look better but more importantly, feel better?  If you are ready to achieve the goal of weight loss and desperately want something that actually works, it is imperative that you get involved with a good fitness program and change your current eating habits.  The truth is that in the United States, we live in a fast and processed food world, which is the primary reason obesity is at epidemic proportions.

The good news is that by making these two changes and being dedicated to the process, you will drop unwanted pounds.  Just envision yourself enjoying activities that have long been put to rest or going shopping for clothes that can be purchased directly off the rack.  You can and one way to help you reach this goal is with juicing.  Of course, the fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains, seeds, and nuts you use will determine the level of success you reach so it is imperative that you follow juicing recipes formulated specifically for weight loss.

The internet offers a wealth of information but to get you started in the right direction, a few recipes to drop unwanted pounds have been provided.  It is also important to understand that juicing is not intended to replace well-balanced meals but as a supplement meal to your overall weight loss plan.  In other words, juicing could be used for rich, nutritionally sound breakfast and light lunch, followed by a healthy dinner.

Juicer Recipes For Weight Loss

Recipe One
•    One medium papaya (seeds and stringy pulp removed and discarded)
•    Five dates (pitted)
•    One delicious red apple (core removed but skin left on)

All ingredients to include the peel of the papaya and apple would be juiced for the highest level of nutrition.  The juice can then be enjoyed as is or over ice.

Recipe Two

•    Two carrots
•    Two apples (your choice of type with core removed and discarded)
•    One sweet potato (skin left on)
•    Small pinch of Dulse powder

Push all these ingredients through the juicer and as with the other recipe, you can drink it with or without ice.

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