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Day 6 of 7 Day Juicer Fast

juicing and fastingDay 6 of my 7 day juicing fast might have been the easiest day so far. I was able to focus on the goal and negative thoughts were easier to defeat today. With only one day left in my fast I actually gave some thought into continuing well past seven days.

My juice consumption today was about the same as it has been the past five days, however the recipes that I chose consisted mainly of green leafy vegetables. Green kale, spinach, Swiss chard, lacinato kale, cilantro and green cabbage made up the foundation of all my choosing recipes today. Adding a half of lemon provided a nice flavor to my green juice.

Since I suffer from hypertension, I take my blood pressure regularly at home. Since I started my seven day juice fast, I have been checking it two or three times a day. At this point I am on medication for my hypertension but as I have mentioned, the goal is to get off the meds.

At my doctor’s appointment next Friday I will be a will to provide the documentation that proves without a doubt that my blood pressure is significantly lower than it was before I started juicing and eating a whole foods plant based diet.

Before I started, my blood pressure on a good day would be 148/90 , and that is with medication. Still borderline high. As I write this article my blood pressure is 111/74 and my pulse rate is 65. That’s a great improvement and I feel like my goal of being medication free is within reach.

I’ve had several people ask how do they begin juicing?  How did they lose weight like I have? The answer is , you can lose weight with juicing. That has been documented by many people. Eventually though, you will have to eat food and if you’re willing to change the way you cook your food, and the things you choose to eat the weight will come back, and generally it brings friends.

The decision to eat healthy is not easy. Most of us have eaten what we wanted, when we wanted most of our lives. However, once you decide that something has to be done and you see the results you can get in just a few weeks, you will have all the motivation you need to change your lifestyle in regards to your diet for good.


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