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Hangover Juicing Recipes

It is now Sunday morning but after the previous night of drinking, you find it near impossible to get going.  Dealing with a hangover is never fun, no matter how severe.  The body struggles against the effects of the alcohol consumed, which means feeling tired, having a headache, dealing with nausea, and overall having the sense of “being hit by a Mac truck, as many people put it”  Although most people swear they will never again get drunk once they have experienced a hangover, most do it weekend after weekend.

The truth is that most people have had at least one hangover and some people get them without even drinking much alcohol due to the way the body responds.  Regardless if you like to kick up your heels on occasion or you enjoy going out every Saturday night, you can actually use hangover juicing recipes to reduce or even eliminate the effects of alcohol.  Not only do the following recipes combat the effects of alcohol but they also provide incredible nutritional value.  Therefore, while the hangover is being controlled or corrected, you have the chance to introduce vitamins, minerals, and sometimes protein to the body.

The problem with hangovers is that the toxicity of the alcohol, as well as dehydration wreck havoc on the body.  Therefore, the key with hangover juicing recipes is to choose fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that actually counteract those negative aspects of drinking.  Because fructose, which is natural sugar found in fruits, helps metabolize chemicals in alcohol, you will find that hangover juicing recipes are often sweet.

Hangover Juicing Recipes
Recipe One

For this first recipe, it is important to juice the rinds because they contain more than 90% of the nutrients opposed to the meat.  The melons are great for flushing toxins from alcohol from the system because they are natural diuretics, which in turn would make you feel better.

•    Two cups watermelon (rinds left on)
•    Two cups cantaloupe (rinds left on)
•    Six large strawberries
•    One tablespoon lemon

Recipe Two

While this recipe is not sweet like the first one, it is an excellent hangover juicing recipe.  The beets used in this recipe serve two purposes.  First, they help cleanse the liver and second, they detoxify the body.  Additionally, the celery is rich in magnesium and calcium, and the spinach great for the circulatory system but also a natural cleanser.  Finally, the B vitamins found in the spirulina powder boosts energy while the lemon adds a slight tang for flavor, as well as vitamin C.

•    One medium beet root (skin left on)
•    Three celery stalks (leaves on)
•    One-half cup of fresh spinach
•    One tablespoon fresh lemon juice
•    One teaspoon spirulina powder

Recipe Three

From the ingredients used in this hangover juicing recipe you would benefit the body with magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C, which are all known to fight off the effects that alcohol has on the body.

•    One cup cauliflower
•    One cup broccoli
•    One medium green apple (Granny Smith recommended and skin left on)
•    One-half lemon or lime (no seeds but skin left on)

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