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Did You Know Cherry Juice Can Help You Sleep?

CherriesIn one of the most surprising findings of the year, researchers have found that consuming the juice of tart cherries can help improve the quality of your sleep at night. Currently, nearly one-third of Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disturbance on a regular basis. The sales of over-the-counter sleep aids have risen dramatically over the past decade. This has caused alarm among many health practitioners that are worried about drug dependency and the damage caused by not getting enough natural sleep.

Dr. Carol Ash, Director of Sleep Medicine for Meridian Health in New Jersey, believes that it is time to rethink sleep and consider more natural ways to get a good night’s rest. Ash said, “Getting proper sleep has never been more important – inadequate sleep is considered a risk factor for obesity, heart disease and other chronic diseases. Instead of shopping for solutions in the pharmaceutical aisle, consider switching up what you eat and drink. Simple steps, like adding tart cherries to your daily diet, may help you to be a better – more efficient – sleeper.”

According to the results of the study, tart cherry juice may improve the quality and the duration of sleep, reduce the severity of insomnia and increase overall sleep efficiency. Adults who consumed two glasses of tart cherry juice daily slept about 40 minutes longer on average and had a nearly 6 percent increase in sleep efficiency. Researchers also found that drinking tart cherry juice daily helped reduce time spent awake after going to bed. The sleep benefits found in cherry juice have been attributed to the amounts of melatonin and phytonutrients in tart cherries.

Here is a good recipe that includes cherry juice:

Cherry, Apple & Pear Juice Blast


1 medium apple
2 medium soft pears
1/2 cup cherries with pits removed


In a juicer, combine apple, pears, and cherries; Pour juice and, if desired, thin with seltzer water. Before serving, garnish with fresh cherries, if desired. Refrigerate up to 2 days (shake before serving).

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