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Zesty Lemon Apple Juice

There are times where I like a little kick in my daily routine…food intake whether it is juices.. smoothies or food J  Adding some mint and cucumber kick this recipe up a notch and give it a fresh taste. Plus citrus is a great metabolism booster.       Ingredients 1/2 cup cool water 1 cucumber, halved (optional) 2 green apples, quartered 1 lemon, halved 1 orange, halved  Mint sprig (optional) ...

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Get All Of The Great Benefits Of Grapefruit With These Simple Juice Recipes

One of the most wonderful foods you can juice is grapefruit. The taste of grapefruit has a tangy tartness with an underlying sweetness that many people enjoy. There are many different varieties of grapefruit, including both seeded and seedless varieties as well as pink and white varieties. Grapefruit are at their best when they are in season from winter through early spring, but can be found at your local g ...

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Fruit Juice Recipes That Give You Energy All Day

Foods that provide long lasting energy are hard to find in today’s world of highly processed foods of convenience. A lack of energy during the day can have many negative effects on your health and your life, including increased irritiability, decreased attention to detail, and slower mental processing. Nutrition plays a big part in the amount of energy you have during the day and the foods that you consume ...

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Fruit Juice Recipes That Relieve Constipation

Constipation is a painful condition that can lead to a number of health issues if left untreated. Some dietary changes might be necessary to prevent recurring cases of constipation. Constipation is typically caused by a poor diet that does not contain enough fruits and vegetables; however it may also be caused by a medical condition or as a reaction to a medication you are taking. It is important to discuss ...

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Extraordinary Orange Juice Recipes That Will Make Your Day

Many people like to start their mornings with a nice tall glass of orange juice or an orange juice blend. Orange juice is healthy and naturally sweet without any added sugars, so it makes a great treat in the morning as you are trying to get your brain fully awake. Fresh orange juice provides the body with many nutritional benefits that cannot be found with many other fruits. It contains a wide variety of v ...

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Add Mango To Your Juice Recipes For These Body Benefits

In addition to being delicious, mangos are also good for you. There are many health benefits that can be obtained by consuming mangos or mango juice on a regular basis. Mangos are high in a number of antioxidant compounds that have been found to protect the body from several different types of cancer, including leukemia, colon, breast, and prostate cancers. Mangos are also full of enzymes that help aid in d ...

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Juice Recipes With Pineapple Gives You These Great Health Benefits

Pineapples are America's second favorite tropical fruit, following closely behind bananas. To get more pineapple into your diet, you should try using them in some nutritious juice recipes. The vibrant tropical flavor of a pineapple tastes great in a wide variety of juice recipes and blends well with the juices of other fruits and vegetables. When choosing a fresh pineapple for juicing, pick one that has a f ...

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