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7 Day Juice Fast Starts Today

In November of 2006, I drove myself to the emergency room with chest pains. For those that know me, if I take myself to emergency room or call a doctor, something is wrong. I loathe hospitals and doctor’s offices. As I snuffed out my cigar, I walked in the emergency room door to find a waiting room full of people. For some reason, a chest pain complaint will get you to the front of the line. Long story shor ...

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Juicing Recipes for Cleansing and Weight Loss

Juicing for cleansing and juicing for weight loss can improve the way your body works and it can also give your appearance the boost that you are looking for!  The main purpose of juice fasting is to detoxify the body and rid it of toxins and wastes that have built up over time, as a result of eating processed foods, drinking beverages high in sugar and chemicals and the ill effects of the environment. Juic ...

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What are the Benefits of Acai Berry Juice

If you have not heard the buzz about acai berry juice then where have you been?! Acai berries are being called one of the up and coming elite superfoods because they offer anti-aging benefits as well as weight loss properties. Acai berries are not only used to make juice that you can drink but are also showing up in cosmetics and other types of beauty products. Acai Berry- What is it? The acai berry (pronou ...

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Delicious and Filling Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

The process of losing weight involves not just one method but several.  As an example, multiple studies have been conducted over many years that show to lose weight properly, you need to eat right, get adequate exercise, get proper sleep, and live a healthy lifestyle.  All of these things combined increase the success rate for dropping unwanted pounds. For diet, the key is choosing healthy food items that a ...

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Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

Are you tired of carrying around unwanted pounds? Do you want to make a permanent lifestyle change so ultimately you look better but more importantly, feel better?  If you are ready to achieve the goal of weight loss and desperately want something that actually works, it is imperative that you get involved with a good fitness program and change your current eating habits.  The truth is that in the United St ...

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