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Delicious Juicing Recipes Just for Fun

Juicing is the ideal way to introduce nutrients to the body, which is why so many people around the world have becoming interested in this way of producing delicious beverages.  Of course, in addition to all the nutritional benefits that come from juicing, and the great meal replacements or snacks for the family these drinks provide, juicing is also an excellent way to impress friends while entertaining.

If you love have people over for outdoor barbecues, formal sit-down dinners, or gatherings to watch football, you probably run into the challenge of coming up with unique but also delicious menu items.  With juicing, you can still serve all your favorite food dishes but then for something unique, you could make several different juicing recipes.  Because you can use a huge variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, grains, and seeds, the possibilities are endless.

You could use juicing recipes to create amazing after dinner drinks without alcohol or if preferred, alcohol could be added.  In addition, you could make different juicing beverages that have more of a kick, which would be ideal for outdoor meals.  Regardless, guests would be impressed by your creativity and chances are good several would ask for the juicing recipes you made.  The following are just a few ideas for juicing that you might consider the next time you plan to entertain.

Delicious Juicing Recipes

Recipe One

The following juicing recipe is for one person so simply change the ingredients according to the amount of drinks you want to make.

•    One cup of white seedless grapes
•    One red apple (core and seeds removed and discarded)
•    One-quarter inch piece of fresh ginger
•    One-half a lime
•    Sparkling Water

After all the ingredients have been juiced, you can dress these drinks up with fresh slices of lime or apple.  To serve, simply pour in tall glasses over ice.

Recipe Two

Again, increase the quantity of ingredients for this juicing recipe to match the number of guests to serve.

•    One kiwi (peeled)
•    One-half mango (peeled)
•    One orange (peeled)
•    Sparkling water

With all the ingredients juiced, you end up with a wonderful beverage.  If you wanted a little pulp, simply leave the orange peel intact while juicing.

Recipe Three

This drink has a fresh, clean flavor that is great for formal entertaining.  Remember to increase the ingredients for the number of guests.

•    Two peaches (seed removed)
•    One red apple (core and seeds removed and discarded)
•    One pear
•    Sparkling water

Again, process all of the ingredients and when ready to serve, pour over ice.

Recipe Four

If you want to provide your guests with a juiced beverage that contains alcohol, you can.  The following is just one example of the types of drinks you can create using your juicer.

•    Six apples (core and seeds removed and discarded)
•    Eight mint leaves
•    Juice of one lemon
•    Two shots of quality vodka

After the ingredients have been juiced, we suggest you serve immediately on ice or allow the mixture to chill for about 15 minutes and then serve without ice.  To garnish, simply use one mint leave per glass.

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