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Day 5 of 7 Day Juice Fast

day 5 jucingAfter a freshly squeezed oranges and carrot juice, I completed my morning bike ride with no issues today. I find my mindset and thoughts are changing somewhat. Friday morning my seven day juice fast will come to an end. If I told you that I wasn’t thinking about the things that I want to eat on Friday, I would be lying.

Fact of the matter is, I was on a whole foods plant-based diet before I started my seven day juicing fast and I will return to that diet. The purpose of my seven day juice fast was to cleanse and detox my system. It would be foolish to rule in all that by splurging on foods that we know are not good. After all this is not a program or plan that I am following. This is a lifestyle change. The goal is to improve the quality of my life through nutrition.

It is amazing how many people I talk to that want to know how I am losing weight. After quickly sharing with them that I am on a whole foods plant based diet combined with a juicy regimen, most all of them have the same comment. You look great, but,I can’t do that or that’s not for me. If your mentality is you can’t , you never will. But, I assure you you can !

Tuesday is my weigh in day. I weighed in at 260 pounds. All combined that’s 45 pounds lost since I started my whole foods plant based diet combined with juicing.  While on the juice fast I’m lost 7 pounds in four days. as I’ve said before losing weight is not my main goal.

We visited our local Whole Foods store today and pictured  is some of the goodies I picked up for the next two days. With two days left on my seven day juice fast I plan to use as many green leafy vegetables as I can.

I was asked today what I was going to eat on Friday. That’s the first day that I will have off of the juicing fast. And while there are several options that I have considered, Lacinato kale salad is the winner so far.  You see I use a crushed avocado that has been infused with garlic as a dressing for this particular salad. Honestly it’s the avocado that I really want.

I closed out day five with a straight vegetable juice recipe that included the following. Tomorrow it’s on with the green juice !

  • Lacinato Kale
  • Celery
  • Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots

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