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Day 2 of 7 Day Juice Fast

juice fastSince Day 2 of my 7 day juicing fast landed on a Saturday, I was able to get a few extra minutes of sleep. Even though I had a vigorous 10 mile bike ride yesterday afternoon , I did not sleep as well as I thought I might. Could be I was occupied fighting off negative thoughts from my sub-conscience.

The same thing happens when you exercise doesn’t it? Your mind tries to tell you , thats this isnt necessary , just relax , you’re fine , you’re eating better, you don’t need this too. Well similar questions entered my mind , much of the night. However I made it through. After my regular bottle of water I collected some thing for my morning juice.

After going to the Fresh Market last night I had plenty to choose from. As you might have figured out I base everything around leafy green vegetables. Something about the taste my body really enjoys. You will find that you will gravitate to certain foods, just like you do with traditional meals, so it important to mix it up some. We are going to try and get to a local hydroponic farm to day to choose fresh fruit and veggies for later today




1- Bunch of Parsley

1-Rainbow Chard leave

1-Lacinato Kale Leave

2- Green Kale Leaves

This filled my 32 oz Cup to the top and it was delicious.

Lunch Time 

juicer veggiesToday for lunch i visited a local hydroponic farmer to see what I could find. We were met at the door by Jeff and Shelly , owners of First Fruits Hydroponics . It might have been our first visit , but certainly wont be out last. We were treated to fresh grown fruit and vegetables, including strawberries, cucumbers , zucchini, squash, brocoli and so much more. My favorite chard, was ready to pick an we took home plenty.

This place is worth a visit if our are in the area. They have a passion for what they are doing and will set you up with hydroponic supplies to get you started growing your own. Nic eplace and very nice people. Here is what we took home.

For Lunch today , I took these tomatoes and added a fresh picked cummber the difference is fresh picked was remarkabkle.
Freshness in a Glass  
4 – Tomatoes
1 – Large Cucumber
Handful of parsley

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