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Better Physical Performance Juice Recipe

juicing recipes for energyWhether you are a seasoned athlete preparing for the Olympics or a weekend fitness enthusiast who walks daily, with juicing you can actually improve physical performance.  To compete physically at any level, the body requires certain vitamins and minerals.  If you were to talk to any professional athlete, you would quickly discover they all follow very specific diet regimens, which often includes juicing.  By using the right fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, grains, and seeds, you would find you have more energy, improved endurance, and actually reduce risk of injury.

As a professional athlete it would be important to juice daily.  By making juicing a part of your overall training program, the results would be stunning.  However, if you simply enjoy spending time walking or jogging at the local park, doing Pilates at the gym, or lifting free weights to stay toned, juicing could be enjoyed daily or used prior to your workout.  In both cases, juicing would make a significant change that would quickly become apparent.

For this New Year, millions of people have made a resolution to get into shape and participate in more physical activities.  If you have made this commitment, applaud yourself because fitness is one aspect of living a long and healthy life.  Now, by choosing to juice, you are giving yourself the gift of health and life since the body is being provided with the right type and level of vitamins, minerals, and even protein needed so you can benefit from your new workout schedule.  You can find thousands of excellent recipes to enhance physical performance online but the following are a few of the many options that professional athletes and weekend fitness enthusiasts use. Here is a Better Physical Performance Juice Recipe

Recipe One

If you enjoy running, your muscles need extra energy, as well as strength and endurance.  This recipe fuels the body with enzyme rich ingredients that boost physical performance but also allow muscles to recover quicker.

•    Three oranges
•    Two Bartlett pears
•    One yam

Simple push all ingredients through your juicer and if preferred, add one-half cup of ice.  The flavor is wonderful and the results incredible.

Recipe Two

This juicing recipe is great for all types of physical activity.  The ingredients used help enhance endurance, which is a common obstacle for many people.

•    One-half watermelon
•    One lemon
•    Five oranges
•    One can frozen pineapple juice concentrate

All ingredients would be put in the juicer, rind or skin and all since they are loaded with nutrition.  By enjoying this juicing drink daily, you will notice that your muscles respond better and tire less.

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