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7 Day Juice Fast Starts Today

In November of 2006, I drove myself to the emergency room with chest pains. For those that know me, if I take myself to emergency room or call a doctor, something is wrong.

I loathe hospitals and doctor’s offices. As I snuffed out my cigar, I walked in the emergency room door to find a waiting room full of people. For some reason, a chest pain complaint will get you to the front of the line.

Long story short, a few days later I underwent heart bypass surgery where I had five bypasses completed. It was without a doubt the most miserable experience of my life recovering from that surgery.

When I left the hospital I was 49 years old and weighed 235 pounds, and I am 6’1″.

Now most people would think that undergoing heart bypass surgery would absolutely have some effect on the way you take care of your body and the things you eat.

Frankly it did for close to a year. Then I returned to my old ways of consuming anything and everything I wanted. All-you-can-eat baby back ribs at my favorite barbecue restaurant were my favorite.

I figured if I was going to die, I was going to die eating what I wanted to eat.

I also had another realization. I had lived longer than I was going to live. Something had To change

On Christmas Eve 2011, I dined on a generous portion of prime rib with all the appropriate side dishes and I have not had red meat since. The following day I decided that I would adopt a whole foods, plant based diet combined with a regular juicing program.

At the time, our cupboards were full of food that didn’t exactly fit into my plan.

So I gave myself a week or so to use what we had or throw it out, and began my new way of  life January 1, 2012.

I marked my weight down at 304 pounds. Honestly, I was being nice to myself. I didn’t want to write down that I was actually more than 310 pounds. I had moved into XXXL shirts and was soon to need a tent maker to find shirts that would fit me.

I now weigh 265 pounds and juicing accounts for about a meal and a half per day. Combined with a whole foods plant based diet, I have set a goal of losing 40 more pounds.

Today I am starting a seven day juice fast. I typically start each day with a liter of water followed by 32 ounces of my favorite vegetable and fruit juices. Since implementing this program and combining it with a whole foods plant based diet, I have lost 39 pounds.

I started January 1, 2012, My goal with this fast is to reboot my system .

Let me say now that I am not interested in doing a juice fast for weight loss. I am interested in getting my body as healthy as possible so that it can properly use the nutrients that I provide through my diet.

I know weight loss will be a natural byproduct, however I’m more interested in getting healthy. I plan to document how and what I do right here!

Today I started with a liter of water as usual, +40 ounces of this tasty juice. If anyone has a recipe idea for me , add it in a comment ! You Can Follow the Fast on Facebook and Twitter !

Don’s Juice Fasting Starter Recipe

3- Rainbow Chard leaves





2-cups of Spinach

1-Navel Orange



Lunch Today 

In between 2 liters of water , I decided to have a combo of juiced cabbage and spinach , a Lemon and an orange. While I managed to drink it I can tell you it was very bitter and this particular recipe is not likely going to make it into my forthcoming book . Just keeping it real folks.



Dinner on the other hand was much , much better.  Pictured below was a perfect blend of green leafy vegetables, ” my favorite” and fruit. The combo had perfect balance and I did not want my 32 oz tumbler to be empty.

juicer recipes









Day One Dinner Recipe

Organic Carrots

Green Kale

Rainbow Chard





This is a keeper recipe and you will see it in my book ! Everyone else at home thought it was great !

 Day 2 of 7 day Fast 

Day 3 of 7 Day Juice Fast 

Day 4 of 7 Day Juice Fast

Day 5 of 7 Day Juice Fast

Late Night Snack

Ok I was feeling hunger pangs so I settled on this

3 Apples that made a great juice for my snack

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Comments (4)

  • Patti


    Your story is inspiring and I am so happy that you are still here with us! Your website has so much to offer all juicing enthusiasts, both newbies as well as seasoned juicers.

    I wish you all the best with your juicing pursuits and your continued efforts to live a healthier life! Keep the faith!


    • Don

      Patti thanks, I’m at the end of Day one and I have a substantial headache, but this too will pass, detoxing your body is not something we do everyday. Check back tomorrow I’m sure it will be better !

  • Keith

    Don, I’m very proud of what you are doing here brother.

    You want to be alive and healthy for your kids and everyone else who loves you. If more people took action the way you have, the world would be a whole lot better.

    The next time anyone complains to me about Americans, I am going to point them right here!

    I don’t have full recipes I’m afraid, but I enjoy Avocados if you haven’t tried them yet. I also love all types of melons: rock melon, honeydew, water melon etc … mmmm delicious!

    Behind you all the way,

    Keith and the Singapore Sippers

    • Don

      Keith , thanks so much for stopping by, this decision has changes my life in so many ways. Aside from the weight loss, the way I feel is remarkably different, different for the better! and yes avocado is first on my list when the fast is complete!

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